The best thing about the term ‘performance artist’ is that it includes just about everything you might want to do.

Laurie Anderson

Do you tell stories? Dance? Act? Sing or perform music? This is the place to shine!


Jen Lemen is a writer, artist, doula, sage, photographer, dreamer, and soul adventurer. She lives in Silver Spring Maryland with her husband, two children, and a commune consisting of of neighbors and friends. Get to know Jen by visiting her website,, or sign up to dream big with her at mondo beyondo.


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jen-lee-magicJen Lee is a writer and spoken word artist in Brooklyn, New York. She is a collector of stories, many of which unfold in her vibrant neighborhood or in the lives of her closest friends. Jen is the author of Take Me With You: A Journal for the Journey, and Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark . She writes regularly about the creative process, among other things, at
This video was made at The Moth, a New York City based nonprofit organization that conducts live story telling events. The first and last lines were cut off on this recording. The first line begins, “As an oldest child…” The last line is, “the whole world seems to be made of china, and the people in it of some frail, fragile glass.”

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marcy baruch2Marcy Baruch is a nationally acclaimed musical artist whose third CD, “The Strength Of Love” is scheduled for release in November 2009.  “I write and stand before people because in offering up the pretty and not-so-pretty parts of my own journey, I hope that musical spaces are created in which others can exhale more sweetly into the life that is solely theirs to experience and live. Each of our skins is infinitely unique and each of us is made from the same eternal stuff. There’s something exquisitely healing about the sharing of it all.” To hear and learn more, please visit Marcy at


performance by marcy baruch, all rights reserved

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cara-hargesCara Harjes lives in Denver with her cute husband Herb.  She loves lazy rivers, red wine, and the perfect piece of tiramisu.  She is a counselor, a writer, and a wanna-be chef. She is working on eating her veggies and putting away laundry after it has been folded.  You can find Cara’s honest and encouraging musings about the highs and lows of love & marriage on her blog, where she strives to help her generation avoid the statistical pitfalls of our parents.

About this piece, Cara writes, “One day I was driving home from the office I share with my husband. It is across the street from a treatment center for adults dealing with substance abuse. I saw a very confused, disoriented looking lady wearing a sequined gown in the middle of the day crossing the street. I felt her pain all the way through the steel doors of my car. But I was also listening to a really hopeful song. Something inside of me began to stir. I started thinking about what is going on in our world and what I would like to see change. The concept for this video was born immediately from that short exchange. I was also really inspired by the Wizard of Oz. To me, it embodies the whimsy and magic that all good wishes are made of! You will find several rainbow & yellow brick road references here.”

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This is a performance piece from our First Voca Femina Share Party – originally posted on May 18, 2009 on the Issue Highlights

They Rattle, They Roar, They Rob